The Power Of Broke- Daymond John Book Review

I love this book and this that it is a must read, especially for entrepreneur’s just getting started. I began reading this book after quitting my job and moving to a new city. After reading this book I started 3 new blogs, and have been able to monetize them. The book gave me the motivation to keep going when times are tough. It has a … Continue reading The Power Of Broke- Daymond John Book Review

Instantly Ageless

I tried Instantly Ageless and I was very surprised by the product. I was not prepared for how my face would be instantly tightened. I put the product on under my eyes and on my forehead. Immediately my face was tightened like when you  wear a face mask. It brightened my skin and helped to remove my under eye bags. I this product would be … Continue reading Instantly Ageless

Bacchanalia Restaurant Review

I absolutely loved dining at Bacchanalia. Dining at Bacchanalia is the closet to a perfect dining experience that there is. I made reservations for an 8:30 pm dinner. My date and I arrived at 8:29pm in an Uber. The parking area was easy to access and we were able to be dropped off right in front of the restaurant.  Neither of us had been to the resturant … Continue reading Bacchanalia Restaurant Review

Georgia Popcorn Company ‘Classic Kettle Corn’

I attended the Peachtree Green Market where I had an opportunity to meet all of the great vendors at the market. I met Ashley Burns from Georgia Popcorn Company and she gave me a sample of the ‘Classic Kettle Corn’ and let me tell you, this popcorn rocks! I absolutely love their kettle corn. One reason it tastes so great is probably because they use … Continue reading Georgia Popcorn Company ‘Classic Kettle Corn’

Coffee at 200 Peachtree Yelp Review

I gave Coffee at 200 Peachtree a 5 star review on Yelp. I recently went to Coffee at 200 Peachtree after receiving a free coffee coupon from them one afternoon. I went in the morning and they offered me the option to get an iced coffee. I have to say that the iced coffee they made was one of the best Iced coffees I … Continue reading Coffee at 200 Peachtree Yelp Review